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Antique metal restoration, Antique restoration

Within the scope of Cellin-Art Restorer, Goldsmith and Interior Decorator Ltd. I take the following orders from both public partners and privet partners. I also undertake special requests such as the restoration of small metal pieces.

  • Making, cleansing and restoring metal objects, and antiquities -gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron, tin, spiater
  • Cleansing, repairing, conserving and restoring swords, swordhilts, old firearms, pots, jewellery, goblets, different ecclesiastical objects, silver and other goldsmith's pieces, candlesticks, antiquities
  • Making unique metal banisters (copper, iron, wrought iron, stainless steel)
  • Making, repairing and copying of unique, ornamental metal objects (e.g. special furnishing, handles, and knobs)
  • Making different metal objects antique and taking patina on them
  • Making and repairing wrought iron objects (wrought iron portals, wrought iron palisades and fences, wrought iron banisters, and wrought iron bars)
  • Making bronze copies of statues made of different materials, such as metal, wood, clay, and plaster of parish
  • Restoration, and cleansing of objects made of various materials - porcelain, wood, ceramic, glass, bone, etc... - that are either covered or ornamented with metal

    Renovation and restoration of ancient monuments, cleansing and making old curiosities antique ( antique restoration )

  • Renovation, conservation, and weathering of public statues
  • Restoration of the statues, and metal ornaments of ancient public monuments, or quasi-ancient public monuments, and castles
  • Cleansing, supplementing, repairing, conserving of the ornamental elements, wrought iron and other metal components - spiater, tin, etc... - of old dwelling-houses, public buildings, castles
  • Making copies and serial copies of unique art pieces, building components, statues, objects of virtu
  • Restoration survey, expert's report, restoration suggestion about the repairing of ancient public monuments, or quasi-ancient public monuments, wrought iron and other metal textures, and ornamental elements
  • Designing concession plans -for the National Office of Cultural Heritage- that require restorer qualification for the restoration of art relic buildings, portals, statues